L.A. Consulting BVBA is a privately-held company whose mission is to provide high- level services to the (corrugated) packaging industry, customers of this industry, and financial companies in terms of consultancy, management and execution, to create long-term vision, clear strategies, better competitiveness, better operational efficiency, and an improved bottom line.

L.A. Consulting acts as a third party and guarantees full objectivity, independence, impartiality, and confidentiality.

Many years of field experience and strategic partnerships with selected industry experts have enabled L.A. Consulting’s expertise to cover the entire value chain.

L.A. Consulting is a preferred and unique partner for its customers.

It offers in-depth technical knowledge of the packaging design, manufacturing and printing processes, standards and normalisation, regulatory and environmental aspects, manufacturing excellence standards and best practice, productivity benchmarks, and strategies for business turn-around, growth and development.

Ecological responsibility and sustainable development are illustrated in the solutions provided by L.A. Consulting, and sensitivity to these issues is high on the company's agenda.

Having operated in the international arena in more than 25 countries, it is clear that ethical values are a cornerstone of L.A. Consulting’s vision and mission, as its customers testify.

They span packaging producers, financial institutes and investment companies, packaging federations and associations, packaging users and consumers, professional institutes, and organisations related to the European Commission.